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General Information:
Seek your light is a short story about John and Clara's relationship, a couple being split apart not by external forces but by inner ambitions and dreams.

Follow John through his memories and discover what happened between them, what lead them to this point.


Press E to interact with highlighted object.

Press I to open inventory.


Tung Thanh Cao:   Lead Game Design, Programmer, Narrative Design.

-> tungthanhcao1091995@gmail.com.

Hariharan Anpalagan: Level Design, 3D Artist, Technical Artist.

-> hari82302@gmail.com

Yunxu Sang: Art Director, 2D & 3D Artist.

Frederic Wendt: Level Design, 3D Artist.

-> frederic.wendt.98@gmail.com

Special Thanks: Prof. Jörg Reisig, Prof. Csongor Baranyai, Prof. Sebastian Stamm

Supervised by Jorg Reisig.

Course: Narrative Design

Summer Semester 2019

Thank you for playtesting and improving our game! :)

Ousama Andari
Justin Bruystens
Naomi Seeling
Marco Jaimie Silvestri
Christopher Bukal Chilicuisa
Nicolas Vogelbusch
Samartha Ingle
Benjamin Rose

Adrian Azadvaten

University of Applied Sciences Europe.

Install instructions

Download the .rar file, un-rar it, start the .exe file. Thanks! :)


SeekYourLight-Final.rar 189 MB


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With All thanks and appreciation to the creator of the game!!


Hey, thank you for playing our game! :) Hope you enjoyed it! :)